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Customers own Property was a London-based fashion-designer label created by Sabine Alexandra Braeuninger, who graduated from the MA-Fashion Design Course at Central Saint Martins - University Arts London in 2001.

Customers own Property received  New-Gen Sponsorship by the British Fashion Council & TopShop from 2002 to 2004. This enabled the company to reach an international audience and the creations were available in designer boutiques in Europe and Asia. Eventually the label established its main customer base in Japan.

The Catwalk Shows were presented at the Royal Academy of Arts from 2004 to 2006 

with on/off Fashion Show Productions and various venues across London.

This website presents the designs of Sabine Braeuninger and the Customers own Property team and other creative projects at that time.The business was finally closed in 2011.

Show photos by Kim Weston-Arnold

Past Stockists / International 

(no particular order)

Baycrews Journal Standard Luxe Edition /

Beams (Japan) /

Midwest (Japan) /

United Arrows (Japan)  /

Addition Adelaide ( Japan) /

WR  (Japan) /

0044 (Japan) /

American Rag Cie (Japan) /

Agosto (Japan) /

Tomorrow Land (Japan) /

Flair (Japan) /

Sanei International (Japan) /

Points de Suspension (Japan) /

Trip Service (Japan) /

Light Staff ( Japan ) /

Onze Heures ( Japan ) /

Acoustic (Japan ) /

K3 ( Japan )

Marubeni ( Japan ) /

Shimamura (Japan ) /

Seikatsu-Geijyutsu ( Japan ) /

Browns Focus ( UK ) /

Doors by Jas M.B. (UK ) /

Konkon To Zai (UK)

  D-Mop ( Hong Kong ) /

I.T. ( Hong Kong ) /

Creatures of Comfort (US)

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