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AW 04/05
AW 04/05


The inspiration for this collection was derived from an inner city evening class lecture and the various attendants coming together from different backrounds of life. It presents a fictional snapshot of various looks and styles of members of the audience, who all came together through a combined interest : a lecture about 20th century art movements such as Dada and Fluxus. Fictional diagrams presented throughout the lecture are translated into digital prints cut into jumpsuits and tunics , whilst screen prints decorate the surface of tank tops and t-shirts . Knitwear in various techniques and treatments has been a focus point in this collection. Cashmere , lightweight cotton , lurex and mohair knits have been formed into relaxed tunic shapes , jumpsuits derived from the pattern of enlarged long johns thermal underwear and sequins embroidered t-shirt fronts. Cotton knit trousers and jackets are rubber coated in a shimmering copper gold metallic surface.The signature apron shape appears throughout the collection as fully sequins-embroidered knitted t-shirt fronts , back open just held with elastic straps. An overall androgynous look defines the Customers own Property aesthetic.


photos by Kim Weston-Arnold

logo-Customers own Property design.png


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