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AW 05/06

AW 05/06


An atmosphere  of delicately distressed glamour and treasures from grandmother's attic was the inspiration for this collection: circles of light cast by antique chandeliers in abandoned rooms , their protective shimmer creating a zone within dereliction , illuminating damaged plaster , chipped magnolia paint and peeling wallpaper. Chandelier fragments appear as design elements throughout the collection. An oversize corset , bra and short pants are covered in crystal droplets , whilst chandelier fragments are digitally printed on satin silk tops and dresses.The crystals' different reflecting facets are echoed in the colour palette as shades of turquoise , magnolia and the faded yellow reminiscent of old gloss paint.The signature apron dress is presented in soft black leather. Derived from a circular pattern base , jackets , dresses and skirts are given unusual volume and a relaxed asymmetric drape. The exaggerated and displaced armholes based on the circle-concept are also evident in a leather dress and various tops.






photos by Kim Weston-Arnold

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