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SS 05

SS 05

The celebration of an accidental spill , a stubborn stain , the irresistable trace - a design concept based around washing. Washing as an everyday ritual in which we may remove traces of the past and refresh for the future.Flowing silks , satins and fine knits are prominent ; reminiscent of the way that water clothes us beneath the shower. Like water disappearing in the plughole - garment details are cut to visually disappear into an especially crafted metal detail  similar to a plughole. The same detail is woven into dozens of lavatory chains crafted into elegant necklaces. Work wear pieces are bearing the marks of use reflected in the cut.The facing on skirts and pinafore dresses protrudes , as if distorted by domestic labour. Prints are derived from the bold optimistic colours and patterns of mass- produced cleaning cloths , which adorn an entire suit. The delicate contours of a paint spill as it runs and pools decorate light creme coloured silk tops and dresses. The fine knit tunics with their different openings give the possibility to style and wear the garment in multiple ways.



photos by Kim Weston-Arnold

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