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SS 06


SS 06


​The style of the unsung heroes of the service industry is the underlying concept for this collection.Overalls and pinafores have been modified to become inspirational items. Work wear as concept pieces- These are uniforms for everyday life in the aftermath of organised labour.Although the process of creating carefully designed details has rendered the necessary details of work wear obsolete, they linger as decorative fragments. Without their workday function,these details have become clean decoration : pockets become closed , but still evident.Collars are detached and draped like necklaces next to their original opening. The hygienic white piping reminiscent of nurses and food packer's uniforms hold it all together. The signature apron shape appears this season as knit version and various silk apron tops. The prints are derived from a Swiss Army Knife illustration and from  distance appear as familiar floral pattern.


photos by Kim Weston-Arnold

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